Save iOS 5 Beta 1 SHSH Blobs Using TinyUmbrella v5


TinyUmbrella, the popular SHSH blobs grabbing tool has been updated to version 5 and now brings support for the recently released iOS 5 beta 1. TinyUmbrella is now compatible with iOS 5 beta 1.

TinyUmbrella v5 will now save SHSH blobs of iOS 5 beta 1. SHSH blobs are used to downgrade to a firmware that Apple discontinues signing. Hence when iOS 5 beta 2 comes out and you feel like downgrading to iOS 5 beta 1, simply use your SHSH cache to create a signed IPSW and restore your device normally using iTunes.

Also, the developer, notcom has said that he is working on an entirely new version of TinyUmbrella that will bring support to send SHSH blobs to Cydia. Cydia is also shutting down its proxy service, but it will continue to host SHSH blobs. The new TinyUmbrella will integrate with these services.

iPhone users, if you have preserved your baseband using TinyUmbrella and have upgraded to iOS 5 beta 1, please bear in mind that you will not be able to fixrecovery until TinyUmbrella is updated.

For those new to iOS 5 beta 1, follow our the links to our guides for installing iOS 5 beta 1 on your iOS device, activating it and setting iOS 5 beta 1 up PC free.

Download TinyUmbrella v5 for Mac and Windows

Download TinyUmbrella v5 for Mac

Download TinyUmbrella v5 for Windows


  • Mapcg18

    how do i find my shsh if already am suck w a iphone 3gs in dfu mode?