iOS 5 Notification Center Unveiled! Brings Android-Styled Notifications To iOS


One of the major improvements we expected from Apple in iOS 5 was a new notification system. Introducing the Notification Center in iOS 5. It will be accessible by swiping down from the top and will show all the notifications from apps installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5.

Its pretty evident from the picture shown above that the Notification Center in iOS 5 is reminiscent of the Android notification system. However, dedicated iOS device owners  won't be bothered about that, because they finally have an amazing and less irritating notification system. Oh, and it does look inspired from MobileNotifier as well, the developer of which is now working for Apple.

iOS 5 Notification Center shows all of your notifications. For example if you swipe on the notification of a new message, you are instantly taken to the conversation view. To discard a notification, simply tap on the X on the right hand side.

Finally, Apple has perfected the notification system on iOS. We can't wait for the first betas to come out, so that we can have some iOS 5 hands on time.

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