GreenPois0n RC7 iPad 2 Jailbreak Release Imminent, Geohot May Develop iPad 2 Bootrom Exploit


Many people are anxiously waiting for the iPad 2 jailbreak. Up till now, except for the fake iPad 2 jailbreak, we haven't seen any development towards jailbreaking the iPad 2. Previously Comex demonstrated his userland iPad 2 jailbreak but it is believed that because Apple patched the untethered exploit, the iPad 2 jailbreak release couldn't take place. However, hacking maestro George Hotz a.k.a Geohot, who says he "did a little hacking on the iPhone once" and happens to be the man behind Limera1n and Blackra1n, may make his comeback into the jailbreak arena and dump iPad 2 bootrom well before the others do. Geohot has been challenged by Joshua Hill of the Chronic Dev Team to dump the iPad 2 bootrom faster than he can.

Joshua Hill, who goes by the handle @p0sixninja on Twitter, tweeted the following earlier today:

I challenged geohot to dump the iPad2 bootrom before me. Maybe having a worthy opponent will motivate me to work harder =P

he accepted, he said he didn't have an iPad yet but he's getting one really soon

So for you to understand what exactly is the difference between userland and bootrom exploits, we've added detailed explanations below.

Userland exploit: A userland exploit is basically an exploit based in the software itself. Userland exploits are relatively easier to discover as they're in the firmware itself and are easier to develop as well. The only downside to userland exploits is the fact that they can be patched by Apple just as easily as they're discovered by the devs.

Bootrom exploit: Bootrom exploits are located in the hardware of the device. Hence it is relatively hard to discover and develop bootrom jailbreak exploits. The best part of a bootrom exploit is that it is compatible with all future devices, until and unless Apple fixes the particular bootrom exploit in any new device.

So we already know that both Joshua Hill and Geohot will be working on dumping the A5 (iPad 2) bootrom exploit as early as they can. The plus to this is that this bootrom exploit may be compatible with the iPhone 5 as well, meaning that it will be possible to jailbreak iPhone 5.

No ETA has been given out for iPad 2 jailbreak release, but we should expect it in the near future as both hackers will be trying to outrun each other. Let's see who comes out victorious!

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