d0nfyxn A5 iPad 2 Jailbreak Is Fake. Downloaded Package May Harm Your Computer


A couple of hours ago someone by the name of d0nfyxn claimed to have released A5 iPad 2 jailbreak. iPad 2 owners flocked towards this without thinking twice in huge numbers, primarily because of the fact that iPad 2 is the only device that can't be jailbroken as of now and people are anxiously awaiting it.

As it turns out, this alleged iPad 2 jailbreak is fake and will only result in harm to your computer as no one knows what d0nfyxn may have hid behind this fake iPad 2 jailbreak.

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team has clarified that this iPad 2 jailbreak is fake and has even posted output from .NET reflector to solidify his claim:

private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
this.timer1.Enabled = false;
for (int i = 0; i < 0x15f90; i++)
this.progressBar1.Value = i;
this.label10.Text = “Error ‘connection time out’ “;
if (MessageBox.Show(“Failed to connect the device, please try again”, “Error, failed to connect the device”, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Hand) == DialogResult.OK)
this.checkBox1.Enabled = true;
this.checkBox1.Checked = false;
this.progressBar1.Value = 0;

MuscleNerd has also warned that people should not download this package as the .exe file may contain harmful payload which can seriously damage your computer.

People looking to jailbreak iPad 2 will have to wait until the real devs come out with an original jailbreak tool for iPad 2 jailbreak. Till that happens, be aware of such fakes and keep yourself away from downloading such potentially harmful .exe files.

Stay tuned to iPhoneism for more updates and jailbreak / unlock tutorials.

Update 1: d0nfyxn has tweeted MuscleNerd the following:

@MuscleNerd It was a test, people are too naive, long life to the dev team ... sincerely

Our guess, it's last minute face saving from d0nfyxn. Detestable prank, this fake iPad 2 jailbreak.