New iPhone 5 to Feature Macbook Air like ‘Teardrop’ Design


It's hard to talk about Apple's design preferences for the new iPhone as the company follows a very strict code. Hence before the official announcement of a product the employees are bound to keep their mouth shut, but unlike most of us some are clever enough to extract information from the "inside".

The latest in the iPhone 5 scuttlebutt comes from Topolsky, previously editor on Engadget, on his temporary blog Based on his sources from the inside, the next version of the Apple wonder-phone will feature a "teardrop" design like the Macbook Air which goes from thick to thin and will look something like the self rendered mockup in the image above.

This is surprising as over-the-years trends suggest that the next iPhone will nothing more than a spec bump to the current iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 4GS (taking cue from what Apple did in case of iPhone 3GS). However if Topolskys' sources are right, we are led to believe that iPhone 5 will be a completely redesigned headset.

Other features that might make into the next iPhone:

  • New enlarged home button that doubles its duty as a gesture area
  • Edge-to-edge glass technology meaning almost no bezel
  • The screen will go up to 3.7 inches still with Retina Display
  • Global device with support for both GSM and CDMA

Then again, the important thing to keep in mind is that all of this speculation might just vanish in the air as the mockup could be a prototype or a test-unit but all in all, we must keep our eyes and ears open; shouldn't we?