Leaked Pictures of White iPhone 4S Prototype


The first of the very convincing shots for the next generation iPhone (Call it iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S) have been leaked out by MIC Gadget.

The phone in the picture, though very much similar to the white iPhone 4 in looks, is quite different in form as it contains a larger LED display and edge-to-edge glass. While it can be just a mockup, we are led to believe that it is in fact a prototype of the next generation of iPhone.

The comparison above makes it all clear. The white iPhone 4 on left clearly stands down in front of the white iPhone 4S on right with larger display and edge-to-edge glass which counts for almost no bezel on the device. This could also be one of the test-units that Apple is handing over to developers to run their iOS 5 apps.

For now, we don't have much to say about the new iPhone except that it will boast Apple's A5 dual-core chip, also found in the iPad 2, and possibly better RAM and a better back-camera (our bet's on 8 megapixel). The phone will probably show up sometime in September.